Data Is Plural

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2018.09.12 edition

Power outages, deaths in Puerto Rico, parking tickets in Chicago, neighborhood boundaries, and breweries.

Power outages. Utility companies are required to report major power outages and other “electric disturbance events” to the Department of Energy within a business day (or, depending on the type of event, sooner) of the incident. The federal agency then aggregates the reports annual summary datasets. For each event, the data includes the time it began and was resolved, the geographic areas it affected, the type of incident, and the estimated number of customers affected. [h/t Jordan Wirfs-Brock]

Deaths in Puerto Rico. Last month, Puerto Rico’s government began publishing a dataset of all deaths registered in the U.S. territory from January 2017, updated weekly. For each death, the information includes the year and month of the death; the type and causes of death; the deceased’s age, sex, marital status, occupation, place of birth and residence, and more. Related:More Than 2,000 Puerto Ricans Applied For Funeral Assistance After Hurricane Maria. FEMA Approved Just 75.” [h/t Giancarlo Gonzalez]

Parking tickets in Chicago. “For the first time, the city’s database, which tracks more than 28 million parking and vehicle compliance tickets, is easily available to the public,” according to ProPublica Illinois, which has published the two-gigabyte dataset in collaboration with WBEZ. The dataset, which covers January 2007 to mid-May 2018, “includes information on when, where, and by whom tickets were issued; de-identified license plates; vehicle make; registration zip code; the violation for which the vehicle was cited; the payment status and more.”

Neighborhood boundaries. Zillow has created a dataset outlining the boundaries of more than 17,000 neighborhoods in the United States’ largest cities, spanning 49 states (all but Wyoming) plus D.C. and Puerto Rico. Related: OpenStreetMap, which is API-queryable, has a “neighbourhood” tag type. [h/t Volodymyr Kupriyanov]

Breweries. Open Brewery DB is a searchable database of more than 8,000 breweries in the United States (although “future plans are to import world-wide data”). The site provides an API, which lets you query by name, location, and type — microbrewery, regional brewery, brewpub, and so on. Previously: Official brewery statistics (DIP 2017.05.24). [h/t Chris Mears]