Data Is Plural

... is a weekly newsletter of useful/curious datasets.

2018.12.19 edition

Life expectancies, global debt, Philly property transactions, amounts of alcohol, and a lot of insect eggs.

Life expectancy by Census tract. The CDC’s Small-area Life Expectancy Estimates Project calculates how long someone, born in a given Census tract in 2010–15, might expect to live. The estimates are based on a combination of death records, Census population data, and statistical modeling. Related:Map: What story does your neighborhood’s life expectancy tell?” (Quartz). Previously: Life expectancy by income, gender, and city (DIP 2016.04.13), and by country (DIP 2017.02.08). [h/t Dan Kopf]

Global debt. The International Monetary Fund’s Global Debt Database brings together “total gross debt” numbers for 190 countries, for the years 1950 to 2017. The database features a detailed methodology and includes indicators of government, household, and corporate debt.

Philly property transactions. Philadelphia’s Department of Records has begun publishing a dataset of all real estate transfers recorded since late 1999. The 3.7 million records include deeds, mortgages, condo declarations, and a few other types of documents. The deed data includes each property’s fair market value, address, grantor and grantee names, various taxes, and more. Bonus: An interactive visualization of the data. Previously: UK property sales (DIP 2016.03.23). [h/t Michael McLaughlin]

How much alcohol? Open Units is a dataset detailing the total amount of alcohol in 1,000+ beer and cider offerings, “based on information made public by drinks manufacturers, distributors and retailers.” For instance, a 355-mL bottle of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale contains 20 mL of alcohol, the same as a pint of Bud Light. [h/t Giuseppe Sollazzo]

A lot of insect eggs. A team of evolutionary biologists has compiled a dataset describing the size and shape of eggs laid by more than 6,700 insect species. You can explore and download the underlying data, which is based on measurements from 1,756 published sources. [h/t Cassandra Extavour]