Data Is Plural

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2019.02.06 edition

Municipal CO2, cabinet turnover, Oklahoma prisoners, DC taxi rides, and Dear Abby.

Cities’ CO2 emissions. An international team of researchers has created a dataset of 343 cities’ CO2 emissions. The researchers aggregated and standardized the emissions data — largely self-reported — from three sources: the Carbon Disclosure Project, the Bonn Center for Local Climate Action and Reporting, and a new project at Peking University. The dataset includes cities large and small, from Lagos and Shanghai to Kadıovacık, Turkey (pop. 216) and Brisbane, California (pop. ~4,700). In addition to emissions, the dataset also provides contextual information about the cities, such as average household sizes and gasoline prices.

Cabinet turnover. For a recent analysis of Trump administration turnover, FiveThirtyEight compiled a dataset of the last seven presidents’ cabinets — covering the 24 positions included in Donald Trump’s cabinet. (As author Nathaniel Rakich notes, “Not every president designates the same positions to be in the Cabinet.”) The dataset includes each cabinet member’s position, start date, departure date, and total days in office.

Oklahoma prisoners. In the course of investigating why Oklahoma’s female incarceration rate is so high, The Frontier and the Center for Investigative Reporting obtained “a decade’s worth of state prison data never before analyzed by the state itself.” The data includes information about each prisoner, their prison sentences, and their entries and exits from Department of Corrections supervision. [h/t Dan Nguyen]

DC taxi rides. The District of Columbia’s taxi trip data covers 2015–17 and includes each trip’s pickup and dropoff location, mileage, total fare, tip amount, and other details. Previously: Chicago and NYC taxi rides (DIP 2016.12.07). [h/t Richard Sigman]

Advice sought. To support its data-driven feature, “30 Years of American Anxieties,” The Pudding gathered 20,000 questions posed to legendary advice columnist Dear Abby.