Data Is Plural

... is a weekly newsletter of useful/curious datasets.


This website was first published in March 2021. It is built using Hugo, an open-source static-site generator. The files are hosted on Amazon S3 and delivered via Amazon CloudFront. The site’s font is Helvetica Neue, with fallbacks to Helvetica and Arial. (Exciting, right?)

This website sets no cookies, collects no analytics about you, and redirects all HTTP traffic to HTTPS. As of March 2021, it has a 100/100 rating from Google Lighthouse on both peformance and accessibility, and an A+ security rating from Mozilla Observatory. Suggestions for improvements, however, are always welcome; you can send such suggestions to

Since early March 2021, Data Is Plural has used Buttondown to send the newsletter and to handle subscriptions/unsubscriptions. Before that, the newsletter was hosted and delivered by TinyLetter.