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DIP+ is Data Is Plural’s membership program, launched in February 2024. Members receive access to a Discord-hosted community, featuring:

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Why Discord?

First off, my apologies if Discord is an inconvenient option for you. We all already have more accounts to remember and apps to download than we’d like. That said, Discord felt like the right fit for DIP+. It has solid community and moderation features, support for live video events, and full-archive search.

And why not Slack?

Its free tier, unfortunately, archives all messages older than 90 days. (I’m hoping that the DIP+ archives become a useful resource.) Its paid tiers, meanwhile, are geared more toward companies than communities; annual per-user fees alone would outstrip the cost of a DIP+ subscription.

Really don’t want to use Discord?

I understand. I’ll be looking for ways to make DIP+ material accessible outside the Discord ecosystem.